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Your Website Traffic Stats: Complete, Accurate, Timely
All you need to know about Visitors, Referrers, Hits, and more´┐Ż

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Top Features
Web Traffic Statistics
Track hits, visits and unique website visitors by day, week and month!

Search Engines Reports
Find out which search engines bring traffic to your website, and what keywords are sending visitors to your site!

Website Visitor Information
Learn about your site's visitors, including their physical location & language!

Website Visitor Behavior
Check how long visitors stay at your site and how many pages they view per visit, as well as number of repeated visitors!

Visitor Settings' Statistics
Get detailed statistics on your site visitors' screen resolution settings, browser usage, color settings, Java status and operating system!

Website Referrers Stats
See what sites are linked to you and how much traffic they are sending your way!

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